2015 Passion play

2015 Tegelen Passion Play - Spring in Galilee
A Passion Play

10 May to 13 September 2015
De Doolhof open-air theatre, Tegelen

'The story of the last days of Jesus.
It is a story for the ages!
A new approach to the story in dialogue, staging, and music.
Surprising, captivating, and intoxicating.
The audience becomes a participant in the story.'

Tegelen Passion Play
On Sunday 10 May 2015, Tegelen will be premièring the 20th edition of its Passion Play. The Passion Play will have a run of 25 performances. The closing performance will be on Sunday 13 September 2015. The Tegelen Passion Play was first held in 1931 and is performed once every five years. Since its start, it has grown into a theatrical experience of international renown, performed in front of the majestic set built in Tegelen's De Doolhof open-air theatre.

The story of the Passion in 2015
The Passion of Christ, this deep and human tragedy mixed with divine triumph, has been given a new dimension in this dramatic presentation of the final days of the life of Jesus. Patrick Lateur, the author of the 2015 Passion Play, says, 'Everyone who helps to bring the Tegelen Passion Play to life is joining a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, in which people reflect on the events in Calvary and Jerusalem, as well as the events in Galilee and Judea which led up to them.

And anyone who writes the text for a Passion Play is, in fact, doing exactly what the disciples did who saw Jesus on the road to Emmaus: telling others the story of Jesus's suffering, death, and resurrection.' In today's society, ideas like nostalgia and tradition, theatrical experiences, interest in religious and spiritual expression, unity, fellowship, and a feeling of community are important starting points for the Tegelen Passion Play. Above all, however, it will be an enthralling and spectacular theatrical experience which will captivate a great many audience members.

Direction and design team
Cees Rullens, who directed the highly successful 2010 Passion Play, is returning to direct the 2015 Passion Play. Rullens's ambition is to surprise the audience by taking a new approach to the familiar story. It is guaranteed to enchant and astonish the audience. The action will be brought close to the audience, allowing them to feel almost like participants. This year, the director will be working with a new script, penned by the Flemish poet and author Patrick Lateur. The music is composed by Nard Reijnders, the set is designed by Cor van Leipsig, and the costumes are designed by Brigitte Altena. Pilo Pilkes is designing the hair and make-up, and Ben Benders is the chorusmaster.

The performers
The Passion Play is a firmly-established event in Tegelen and the surrounding area, and it is one of the most important regularly-occurring major events for the village and the region, drawing nationwide and national attention to the area. The performers, all of whom are amateurs, primarily come from Tegelen, but there are also performers from the surrounding regions, some coming from as far away as the province of North Brabant and the southern part of the province of Limburg. In some cases, whole generations of families have participated in the Passion Play and can trace their involvement all the way back to 1931. Those early performers laid the foundation for a unique tradition, which was added to the Netherlands' cultural heritage list in 2014. A professional team works with more than 400 amateurs to bring this remarkable experience to life.

The De Doolhof open-air theatre in Tegelen, with approximately 2700 comfortable covered seats, is located in a former convent garden close to the centre of the Dutch village of Tegelen. This elegant open-air theatre has formed the atmospheric backdrop of the Passion Play since its beginning. De Doolhof will be transformed so that it recreates the atmosphere of Jerusalem in Biblical times during Jesus's suffering and crucifixion, perfectly reflecting the text and approach of the 2015 version of the Passion Play.

Discussing the set, Cees Rullens says, 'The high walls surrounding the old centre of Jerusalem surround everyone; the walls are towered over by a high, forward-jutting bridge that can change from blood red to pitch black. The audience's heart will beat faster with the swarming masses in narrow alleys; the encampment outside the city will offer shelter to those unable to find or afford a house or inn; powerful towers will look out over the imposing gates of the city, monitoring all who pass; and a macabre Calvary will be filled with morbid crosses.'

Performance dates
Performances are held every Sunday at 2:30 PM. The première is on Sunday 10 May 2015 and the final performance is Sunday 13 September 2015. Additional performances are held on Ascension Day, Thursday 14 May 2015 at 2:30 PM; Whit Monday, 25 May 2015 at 2:30 PM; and every Saturday from 18 July to 8 August 2015 at 6:00 PM. The performance lasts for about three hours, including a 30-minute intermission.

Online: www.passiespelen.nl
By telephone: Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board (VVV Zuid-Limburg): +31 (0)900-555 9798

Ticket prices
1st circle €35 / 2nd circle €31 / 3rd circle €26
CJP (young people's cultural pass) holders/CKV (cultural and artistic education pass) holders/children age 12 and under: €17.50**

Groups of 20 or more and seniors age 60 and up receive a discount**. For more information and forms for group reservations: kassa@passiespelen.nl or +31 (0)77-326 31 02
Various individual and group arrangements are available for the 2015 Passion Play.

Special Arrangement
At certain performances, a 'Special Arrangement' is available for €100 per person. The Special Arrangement includes: A buffet prior to the performance in the VIP pavilion, a 1st-circle ticket, programme with CD, a beverage during intermission, and a tour of the stage and backstage areas after the performance.

*Prices listed are excluding €2.50 in administration costs per transaction.
**Not valid in combination with other discounts/Seniors: visit www.passiespelen.nl